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Application Products

Application Products

Application Products

Professional Products for Eyelash Extension Application.

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Lip Brush Applicators

Product no.: LSK9002
8.85 *
In stock

Micro Brushes

Product no.: LSK9004

Micro Brushes are a must have during lash lift application or lash extensions application.

4.25 *

Headlamp with Magnifier Glasses

Product no.: W1027

Headlamp / Headlight eyeglasses magnifier. With movable lens slot, adoptable nosebridge and LED lamp

5 magnifiers included.

24.95 *
In stock

Under Eye Gel Pads - 10 pair

Product no.: W1026

Super thin and streching eye gel patches, to cover up lower lashes during lash extension application. Use instead of 3M tape.

12.50 *
In stock

Air Pump

Product no.: AC1036

To dry adhesive and get rid of adhesive fumes around the eye area.

6.75 *
In stock

3M Tape clear - latex free

Product no.: AC2001

A latex-free, hypoallergenic, porous (breathable), clear surgical tape that offers flexibility with application, easy to tear and water resistant.

4.95 *
In stock

Mascara Brushes - Pink

Product no.: W1025

Plastic mascara brushes, Maintain sanitization by using these disposable brushes. A very handy tool during all lashtreatments.

3.50 *
In stock

Stainless Steel Professional Tweezers

Stainless Steel Professional Tweezers from JB Lashes, in various shapes.

10.95 *

Stork Scissor

Product no.: W1019

Super beauty tool !. Essentail accessory for every beauty specialist. Desinfect with surgical alcohol pads after every use.

8.95 *
In stock

3M Tape - paper

Product no.: W1012


Non-woven,  adhesive roll tape. A crucial tool during lash application!.


2.50 *
In stock

Mini Pink Beauty Scissor

Product no.: W1039
5.50 *
In stock

JBLashes Window Cling

Product no.: M104
4.95 *
In stock

Jade Stone

Product no.: W1014


Circular Jade Stone

5.95 *
In stock

Pro Grade Gel Remover (20ml) ADVANCED

Product no.: L2011


Used to remove eyelash extensions from the natural lashes.




14.50 *
In stock

Surgical Face Mask- non Woven

Product no.: W1028
5.50 *
In stock

Head Bonnets

Product no.: W1030
9.95 *

Gloves - Nitrile

8.99 *
Still in stock

Magnifying Eyeglasses

Last item SALE Now!! magnifying diopter 3, super light weight glasses.

Make-up remover sponges

Product no.: AC1040
1.50 *
In stock

Surgical Alcohol Pads ( 6 pcs.)

Product no.: W1015

HYGIENE...always give it extremely much attention. The most important thing to do in your beauty salon!

0.95 *
In stock

Gloves in a Bottle

Product no.: W1034

Gloves In A Bottle is a shielding lotion, it locks in natural moisture and oils, this prevents dry skin and irritated skin.

5.25 *
In stock

Lash Glue Sheets

Product no.: AC2003
6.95 *
In stock

Eyebrow Tweezer

Product no.: TT0001
8.50 *
In stock


Product no.: LSK9003
9.95 *
In stock
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